Aidan Parsons

Founder at Keystone Executive Coaching

Aidan Parsons measures himself by the results of his clients. So much so his firm is one of the few that only get paid in full when the Client’s they work with get the result they paid for! He is the Founder of Keystone Executive Coaching an Australian based International Business Coaching Firm.

He works with Multinational, Interstate Businesses but his heart will always be in Small to Medium Business and Start ups. His Ethos is Business is not magic it’s business. It’s a recipe, and applied correctly makes some amazing results.

Darcy Smyth

Director at The Tonal Persuasion Method

Darcy teaches entrepreneurs to create rapid trust between themselves and buyer – through the use of highly persuasive and infuential vocal tonality.

Kon Iatrou

Creative Director and Personal Branding Photographer

Kon Iatrou, is one of the most sought after Branding and Media Photographers creating Branding Headshots and Business Portraits for business and thought leaders in Melbourne.

With clients ranging from media savvy Entrepreneurs, Key-Note Speakers, Best Selling Authors, dynamic and inspiring Business Coaches and Small Business owners plus, many highly respected organisations like CommBar, PRIA, NSAA and many more.

He specialises in creating a Visual Personal Branding portfolio for his clients through photographs that are authentic, fresh and aspirational to attract the right leads, connect and engage with their Target Market and increase turn over.

Julieanne Loy

Event Planner - Retreats and Events for Entrepreneurs

Julieanne is a small girl from a small town with big dreams. She understands what it’s like to want to succeed in something you’re passionate about and how you want to share this passion with the world, that’s why her and her team take the preparation off your shoulders but never out of your hand. We create an event planning solution so you don’t have the worry and stress of what needs happen, it’s all taken care of.

Kristian Stephan-Martin

Raw-thenticity and Confidence Coach

Kristian Stephan-Martin is The Confidence Catalyst. He works with entrepreneurs, change leaders and not-so-common people to have the confidence and voice to express their truth, whether that be in a 1-1 conversation with someone else or expressing their deepest vision to the world. Kristian has an international client base and provides 1-1 coaching, workshops, and retreats.

Evan Shellshear

CEO and founder of Simultek.

Evan Shellshear has extensive international experiences in delivering high quality applied research results and innovation to some of the world’s largest multinationals and Forbes 500 companies.

He has commercialised and developed numerous technologies and is the author of the forthcoming book Innovation Tools and kids game app BugRope.

A seasoned commercialisation expert, he enjoys sitting on the technological edge and developing such products into viable businesses.

Jessica Evans

Founder at Media Institute

Jessica Evans is the founder of the Media Institute, a PR education consultancy service for businesses wanting to gain media exposure without using a PR agency. A former journalist, Jessica has worked for some of Australia’s leading media outlets including the Herald Sun, AAP and WIN TV. Her passion is finding the stories within businesses and assisting startups who want to build their brands using free media exposure. For further information reach out to or head to the website

Ray Milidoni

Founder at Razor Sharp

Ray is the official MC & host of our 2 day Accelerator.

Ray is passionate about leadership, communication, time management, digital marketing and entrepreneurship.

His experience has seen him found several businesses, including the creation of an innovative web agency at the age of only 15. Since then, Ray has moved forward to helping build organisations from the ground up, investing particular interest in the initial growth period of businesses both big and small, and achieving the title of General Manager at global digital agency, WME. From sustainability through to digital innovative, Ray has garnered extensive experience and milestones that see him consistently solving problems and setting new goals.

Lucy Bloomfield

Co-Founders of Trefiel and UX Strategist

It all starts somewhere and for Lucy, that somewhere was in front of the computer at 10 years old, building websites for her imaginary horses. From horses to international companies, Lucy’s original career as a designer has since pivoted to Co-Founder of her fast-growing skin care start up, Trefiel. She’s here to talk today about adding the personal touch to an otherwise faceless online business and how that can help grow your revenue.

Simon Kelly

Founder of Renegade Empire - Website Consultant

My team at Renegade Empire help small businesses, start ups and ecommerce owners improve their online systems to help grow their businesses. This ranges from branding and design, to web development and processes implementation. We love systems, technology and good design and have worked with clients across the world including Silicon Valley start ups.

David Pagotto

SEO Tech and Marketing Consultant

Passionate about all things marketing, David is someone who can solve your digital marketing dilemma. From development and implementation of strategies and processes, to analytics and digital measurement, he has expertise in all areas of the industry.

Consulting with some of Australia’s biggest brands, David has a knack for developing creative solutions to complex problems.

Adam Taylor

Chief noise maker

Think of CARDSITE as much more than a business card with all the capability and features of a full website. A smartphone website with funk !

We take the existing items from your business card and inject a shot of energy. We make the links, phone number, web address and anything else come to life.

CARDSITE is a personalised, flexible ‘site’ which allows you to professionally represent yourself, your business or your products and services.

Andrea Dix

CEO / Co-founder

Andrea has an extensive background in fitness, and has run her personal training business for the last 10 years in Melbourne. She has a big sporting history, competing in state netball, softball, martial arts, and bodybuilding.

She is a mother to an amazing son, and learns far more from him, than she cares to admit!

Andrea is passionate about helping women see and feel their own worth, and learn to play with their masculine and feminine energies, to create a wonderful and balanced approach to life.

As a result of her own journey, she shows women how to truly let the world see who they are, by shining the light on their greatness, self confidence, and presence.

Jessica Savic

Director of The Australian Business Success Group

Jessica has business in her blood. She is a passionate entrepreneur who leads by example. With The Australian Business Success Group, she aims to help the new generation of business owners achieve their goals.

After completing a Bachelor of Accounting and a Bachelor of Finance, Jessica entered the business world to great success. Her achievements working at The Commonwealth Bank of Australia led to her being sought to teach Business Accounting and Finance at La Trobe University.

Jessica consistently delivers creative and inspiring business training and coaching across the Australian Generation Y community. Jessica is passionate about her clients and is currently using her skills and experience to make people’s business dreams come true. Using The C.L.U.E. methodology, she makes people’s business ambitions realities by guiding them through the journey she took to create her own successful business. She specialises in optimising the unique business ideas of second generation business family business and also taking businesses from start up to profits.

Jessica is on the advisory board of the World Lebanese Cultural Union (WLCU). In 2013, she won Miss Lebanon Australia and went on to compete in the international stage of beauty pageant.

Chris Dennis

CEO and Founder Win Win Tendering

Having worked in tender management for over twenty years, she began her career as a subject matter expert responding to technical and operational IT tenders. Her experience has given her a well-rounded view of tender management and response development.

Chris excels in managing and motivating multi-functional virtual teams and direct reports alike. She has extensive practical experience in training staff in tender management and tender strategies, as well as the effective and productive use of sales and bidding systems, word processing, spreadsheet and presentation tools to help improve productivity across the tender development and production process.

More Coming Soon

CEO / Co-founder

Imagine learning everything you need to know to immediately increase your leads and grow your revenue in two-days!

Are you an entrepreneur who’s already established in business and want to increase your revenue immediately?

Want to learn from industry growth experts who can help you scale your business, increase your leads and increase your revenue fast?

Are you clueless when it comes to how to scale and grow your business?

We’ve got you covered! – in 2 days we will cover how to scale your startup, creating a global brand, revenue models, unique selling proposition (USP) creation, diversifying your product or services, networking like a pro,  public speaking, publicity, lead generation and crm management, developing strategic alliances, pricing strategy, sales conversions, general marketing, guerilla marketing, customer retention, lead magnets and funnels and so much more!

This is an intensive value-packed program designed to help you increase your leads, scale your business and increase your revenue. 

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a solopreneur, a side hustler, or wanting to upskill and prepare yourself for your future business journey, this program will give you all the tools you need to create a profitable business.


June 4th and 5th

An intensive 2-days (8:30am – 5pm+)

Hours could vary due to amount of content


Pad and pen


Brain Power, energy and enthusiasm


***IMPORTANT: This will vary depending on ticket option selected

  • Snacks to keep you energised and focused
  • Light lunch each day
  • Tea, coffee and refreshment drinks
  • Drinks and networking with speakers
  • Access to content after the accelerator 




✓ HOW TO SCALE YOUR STARTUP – Learn how to build a scalable business. Scalability is the ability of a startup to grow. Or, to put it more clearly, a scalable business can adapt to a larger workload without compromising performance or losing revenue. Can your business with $0 in annual revenue grow to a million dollar company? 

✓ REVENUE MODELS – Learn how to develop an effective revenue model. A revenue model is a framework for generating profits. It identifies which source to pursue, what value to offer, how to price, and who pays. It is a key component of a company’s business model.

✓ UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION (USP) CREATION – Learn how to stand out in a busy market place.  A powerful, instantly recognisable USP can make or break businesses operating in busy markets and niche industries, it’s essential that you leverage your USP and make it the centrepiece of your overall marketing strategy. Until you know what your USP is, and how to capitalise on it, your business will be just another noise competing to be heard.

✓ DIVERSIFYING PRODUCT OR SERVICES – Learn how to tap into new markets and expand existing opportunities. Diversification is achieved by entering into additional markets and/or pricing strategies. Often the product may be improved, altered or changed, or new go to market activities are developed.

✓ HOW TO USE NETWORKING TO GENERATE PROFIT – Learn the secrets to generating leads from every networking function you attend. Every networking function has huge potential to generate new leads. There is a secret to make sure every business event results in leads. 

✓ HOW TO USE PUBLIC SPEAKING TO GENERATE REVENUE – Learn how to speak engagingly and position yourself as an expert. The sure way to accelerate your reputation as an expert is to speak.

From short talks to panel discussions and auditorium-filled formal presentations, speaking catapults you from relative unknown to business superstar. Speaking is a powerful way to drive leads into your business. 

✓ HOW TO TURN PUBLICITY INTO LEADS – Learn how to generate free publicity for your business. Did you know the fastest way to become the ‘go to’ person in your industry and start charging a premium price is by being featured in newspapers, magazines on TV and radio? It’s also the best way to generate interest and leads for free. 

✓ WHY A PRICING STRATEGY IS ONE OF YOUR MOST POWERFUL MARKETING TOOLS – Learn how to create an agressive pricing strategy. A business can use a variety of pricing strategies when selling a product or service. The price can be set to maximize profitability for each unit sold or from the market overall. It can be used to defend an existing market from new entrants, to increase market share within a market or to enter a new market.


✓ HOW TO TURN MORE CONVERSATIONS INTO LEADS AND MORE LEADS INTO SALES – Learn how to convert more conversations and leads into sales. Better conversion strategies can boost your business dramatically for little or no extra cost

There’s no point in generating more leads if your existing conversion process results in most of your hard-won enquiries falling through the cracks.

Too many businesses are already generating all the leads and prospects they need … but are unwittingly losing up to 95% of their sales opportunities, and pouring thousands, hundreds of thousands, or millions of pounds down the drain.

✓ HOW TO PROFIT FROM YOUR PERSONAL BRAND – Learn how to profit from your personal brand online, ranging from coaching and holding live events – these tactics can be a complete game changer. Personal branding isn’t just for large companies and big name brands anymore. As audiences become more tech-savvy, they look for connections with real people, which is why personal branding has become such a huge factor for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

✓ THE VALUE OF BUILDING STRATEGIC ALLIANCES – Learn how to partner with other businesses to create more leads and profit. A strategic alliance is an arrangement between two companies that have decided to share resources to undertake a specific, mutually beneficial project. A strategic alliance is less involved and less permanent than a joint venture, in which two companies typically pool resources to create a separate business entity.

✓ SETTING UP AND USING A CRM AS A POWERFUL REVENUE TOOL – Learn how to maximise leads and generate more revenue using a CRM. Customer relationship management, or CRM, is a marketing system where databases are used to gather prospect and customer data. The data is turned into information used to improve the total customer experience, create more targeted marketing and improve revenue performance. Revenue is increased in several ways with effective CRM.

✓ GUERILLA MARKETING 101 – Learn about what guerilla marketing is and isnt and how to use it as a powerful revenue boosting strategy. Guerrilla Marketing is an advertising strategy that focuses on low-cost unconventional marketing tactics that yield maximum results. This alternative advertising style relies heavily on unconventional marketing strategy, high energy and imagination. Guerrilla Marketing is about taking the consumer by surprise, make an indelible impression and create copious amounts of social buzz.

✓ HOW TO ALWAYS ENSURE YOUR BUSINESS IS GROWING –  Learn how to adopt the mindset required for continuous growth. 

If your business is not  growing then potentially dying. Striving for growth is something that should underlie all aspects of business. Ensuring your business is growing month on month comes down to your daily activities and your mindset.