Sérgio Brodsky

Brand Marketing Strategy, Media & Innovation at Starcom Mediavest Group

Sergio is an internationally experienced innovation, media and brand marketing professional as well as a lecturer, frequent industry speaker and prolific writer.

Jessica Evans

Founder at Media Institute | Co Founder at ESC

Jessica is a media trainer and publicity expert who assists startups and business leaders to gain critical media exposure to elevate their brands.

Ray Milidoni

GM at WME | Founder at Razor Sharp

Ray is the official MC & host of our 2 day intensive Success Accelerator.

Ray is passionate about leadership, communication, time management, digital marketing and entrepreneurship.

Tina May

Co Founder at Institute of Code

Tina sends designers, marketers, entrepreneurs and small business owners to Bali to learn how to build kick-ass responsive websites. Her expertise is helping anyone with little to no experience in coding.

Darcy Smyth

Director at The Tonal Persuasion Method

Darcy teaches entrepreneurs to create rapid trust between themselves and buyer – through the use of highly persuasive and infuential vocal tonality.

Alex Storer

Director at AWS Productions

Alex helps entrepreneurs engage with their audience, through the tangible and discernible link between video storytelling and client involvement. Alex will help you cut through the cluttered digital market place.

Mihir Thaker

Director at The Game Changers | Executive, Leadership & Business Coach Consultant

Mihir helps Entrepreneurs create powerful strategies for delivering high value to their target audiences. Mihir has helped create over eight 7 figure businesses in under 18 months and has helped turn around dysfunctional teams to streamlined high performing teams in under 45 days.

Ryan Magdziarz

Owner and Dream Dealer

Ryan is a master of marketing, sales and business growth.
Before the age of 21 Ryan had started and run multiple successful ventures, including a marketing agency that he grew to a team of 8 people, an app that gathered over 100,000 downloads in the first 4 weeks and many more.

Before age 22 Ryan had grown Winning to a 7-Figures and changed 100’s of coaches’ lives. With Ryan’s leadership Winning is currently on track to be the biggest organization in the world helping coaches grow their businesses.

Adam Tregear

Director of Marketing & Design at FLUX Agency

Adam is passionate about working with risk takers and change makers all over the world to help them design emotion fuelled brands, amazing digital experiences & calculated marketing strategies.

Adam lives by the philosophy that every person, every decision, every project needs to make someone’s life better, otherwise, what’s the point?

Bjarne Viken

Business Analyst & Conversion Optimisation Strategist at Scaleup

Bjarne helps businesses analyse and optimise their websites to grow faster and increase revenue.

Bjarne is passionate about startups and regularly teaches entrepreneurs about conversion optimisation, google analytics, adwords and growth hacking.

Ryan Tietjens

Director at Interactive Accounting |CFO at Frank Body

Ryan works with entrepreneurs & startups to manage financials. Ryan has held positions at KPMG, Hayes Knight and Deloitte before founding his own companies.

Ryans vision is of spreading the efficiencies of cloud-accounting and technology globally to better enable business owners to make key decisions.

Robelen Bajar

Tech CMO | Publisher of WOMAN | Freelance advocate

Robelen works with tech startups and fast-growth business to develop and implement marketing strategies.

Robelen is focused on quality and results regardless of the budget she has to work with.

Laura van Stekelenburg

Commercial and Startup Lawyer at Harwood Andrews

Laura has recognised a need to provide startups with affordable access to legal service.
Laura can help you with areas including but not limited to structuring, intellectual property, crowdfunding, contract preparation and review, confidentiality agreements, terms & conditions and HR agreements.

Megan Davis

Lead Storyteller at Spendlove and Lamb

Megan is passionate about social media and creating stories that will invoke participation and create a community to support your endeavors. Megan has a talent for creating the definition that you might not have known you needed!

Megan harnesses her enthusiasm for a great tale and uses the power of online community to bring your story into contact with engaged online audiences.

Daniel Mumby "That Startup Guy"

CEO/ Founder StartUp Foundation - accelerator l Angel Investor l Mentor l Advisor l Connector l Venture Catalyst

Daniel helps you go from ‘aspiring-‘ to ‘successful’ entrepreneur. He care about your success, right throughout your “journey of purpose”, so he supports you by inspiring, guiding, mentoring, advising, and investing in you.

Daniel is well known to Australias Startup community as ‘That Startup Guy’ & the co-founder of Startup Foundation, (the startup accelerator for professionals), and he talks & write on, and invest in ‘disruptive innovation’.

Daniel can show you how to maximise your strengths & success factors.

Grant Downie

Principal at InnovAction l Adviser l Entrepreneur

Grant is focused on startups and entrepreneurialism and is dedicated to supporting the entrepreneurial community in Australia and Asia Pacific.

Grant contributes to many leading startup programs such as Startup Leadership Program and Launch48.

Grant specialises in Strategy and Change, especially merger integration, organisational culture and change implementation.

Kon Iatrou

Creative Director and Personal Branding Photographer

Kon Iatrou, is one of the most sought after Branding and Media Photographers creating Branding Headshots and Business Portraits for business and thought leaders in Melbourne.

With clients ranging from media savvy Entrepreneurs, Key-Note Speakers, Best Selling Authors, dynamic and inspiring Business Coaches and Small Business owners plus, many highly respected organisations like CommBar, PRIA, NSAA and many more.

He specialises in creating a Visual Personal Branding portfolio for his clients through photographs that are authentic, fresh and aspirational to attract the right leads, connect and engage with their Target Market and increase turn over.

Paul Lange

Financier | Investor

International veteran of business finance and both online and offline service industries, with over 30 years of relevant industry experience in operational, strategic growth and expansion, and leadership.

Paul knows what it takes to make business successful, especially in highly competitive environments.

Paul is a business founder, former C-Level executive, mentor to senior executives, corporate trainer, author, keynote speaker, and investor.

Paul has owned, operated and exited several successful businesses across multiple industries, and has helped others who want to expand to build their companies, ranging from startups to mature businesses. One of his biggest successes is helping a local Australian finance brokerage company grow from startup to a loan book of over one billion dollars.

Imagine learning everything you need to know to start a profitable business in just two-days!

Are you an entrepreneur who’s already established in business and want rapid growth & advancement?

Want to learn from a crew of industry experts who can help you develop your business dreams and grow your startup?

Is there any area of business that needs a little more love and attention?

We’ve got you covered! – A jam-packed program covering branding, product development, publicity and marketing, video storytelling, social media, sales, coding and web development, legal, public speaking, lead funnels and so much more!

This is an intensive value-packed program designed to help you accelerate your success in one weekend.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a solopreneur, a side hustler, or wanting to upskill and prepare yourself for your future business journey, this program will give you all the tools you need to take your business vision to another level.


April 2 and 3

One intensive weekend (9am-7pm)

Hours could vary due to amount of content


Pad and pen


Brain Power, energy and enthusiasm


Snacks to keep you energised and focused




Light lunch both days

Sunday night celebratory drinks




✓ STARTUPS 101 – Everything you need to know about startups – including why they fail and succeed.

✓ IDEA TO COMPANY – What it means to develop an idea for a business and turn it into a successful company. You’ll be learning how to test an idea, validation, the difference between learning and failing fast and assessing the customer’s pain you are solving.

✓ DEFINING YOUR VALUE PROPOSITION – Establishing a compelling value proposition is critical if you want to start the journey to building a successful company. A value proposition is a positioning statement that explains what benefit you provide for who and how you do it uniquely. It describes your target market, the problem you solve, and why you’re distinctly better than the alternative options.

✓ DESIGNING A BUSINESS MODEL – Every sustainable business starts with having a solid business model. The results brings clarity and simplicity to a traditionally fuzzy topic.

✓ BRANDING FUNDAMENTALS – What’s in a name, we’ll fine tune your slogans, colours, fonts, vision and cover elevator pitch.

✓ PERSONAL BRANDING – Understand yourself better, differentiate yourself from your peers, increase your visibility and presence. Create an online presence using different platforms and photographs that represent and support your personal brand. This will increase your confidence and help you achieve personal and business goals.

✓ FUNDING OPTIONS – We’ll cover grants, capital raising, crowdfunding – types and sources of financing for startups and businesses. The financial needs of a business will vary according to the type. Learn about the different options.

✓ BUSINESS SUCCESS MINDSET – Learn what it takes to have the right business mindset geared towards success. Learn about limiting patterns and belief that can sabotage your business success so you’re geared towards growth and advancement.

✓ BOOKKEEPING – Not everyone loves administration and bookkeeping but it’s an important part of business. Learn how to streamline your administration tasks or outsource so you can focus on generating growth.


✓ LEGAL – Learn everything you need to know to ensure your business is protected, learn about intellectual property, legal agreements and the basic fundamentals.

✓ SALES – Sales is everything in business, deals make the wheels turn. If you aren’t confident in bring in the coin then chances are you won’t be making money. Learn how to qualify your buyer and have them wanting more from you and keen to buy without the hard sales pitch.

✓ WEBSITE AND CODING – Learn the fundamentals of web development and basic coding to help you build or develop your existing website or how to manage outsourcing this.

✓ MARKETING FUNDAMENTALS – Learn about marketing 101 from how to create a marketing plan, to customer acquisition and strategies geared towards bringing leads while you sleep.

✓ PUBLICITY AND MEDIA – Learn how to approach journalists, pitch and gain attention in the media. Use print, tv and online news sites to build your brand credibility and generate media exposure for the entirety of your business lifetime.

✓ VIDEO MARKETING – Video is a powerful medium to engage with your followers and tell a story. Learn everything you need to create a compelling business story that will capture the attention of your target market.

✓ SOCIAL MEDIA, EMAIL MARKETING, CONTENT MARKETING – Captivate the attention of your followers on social media, learn about which platforms you should be on and how to create content that inspires and maintains your audience.

✓ GROWTH HACKING – You’ll walk away knowing what growth hacking is. We’ll also give you some methods you’ll be able to start applying to increase your sales.

✓ AUDIENCE GROWTH AND MARKETING AUTOMATION – Learn how to intelligently grow your audience and leverage marketing automation to increase engagement and revenue.

✓ GRADUATION AND CELEBRATION DRINKS – We’ll be celebrating your graduating from the program and beer and champagne on the ESC team!