Terms & Conditions


Commission structure & terms can change at any time at the discretion of ESC management. 


Commissions are paid on the 15th of each month. The commission paid will be for the previous calendar month closed sales. 


Commission rates for each product are as follows:

– Virtual Business Card: 5% 

– Retreats: 10% 

– Bootcamps: 10%

– Partnership Program: 10% 

– Market Place Pitch Day: 10%

– RC-Coworking:5% 


The advocate form must be filled with your name to receive commissions for sign ups. 


For every advocate you sign up you will receive the following commission for each sale they make:

– Virtual Business Card: 2% 

– Retreats: 3% 

– Bootcamps: 3%

– Partnership Program: 3% 

– Referral Networking: 3%

– Mass Pitching: 3%

– RC-Coworking:2% 


To receive commissions for sales made by your advocate recruits, you mustn’t go more than 1 calendar month without closed sales. 


ESC reserve the right to remove ESC members from the advocate program at any time. 


All leads must be submitted with prospects permission & understanding.


Advocates must not discuss program pricing with interested ESCers as prices change & change often. Advocates can discuss ballparks only. 


Each advocate must be interviewed via telephone, skype or meeting by ESC senior management & complete appropriate paperwork before being accepted into the advocate program.


Besides lead generation, the other main focus of advocates is to spread the word about ESC when at industry events and to engage with ESC members in our online community and events, ensure all ESCers are engaged and feel included in the community.


You are not to use ESCs logo or any other branding material without the permission of ESCs senior management. 


You must always be aware that you are representing ESC as a brand and not do anything that brings ESC in disrepute. 


You understand that you are contracting to ESC and not employed by ESC. You will require an ABN.


You must disclose to ESC management any other startup groups, organisations, co-working spaces or meetup groups you run or engage with.