Terms and Conditions

1. I understand that this training is being recorded and that both the images and audio of myself may appear on the website or social media.

2. I understand that this product may be included as part of an online training program in the future and my image may be used as a part of this.

3. I take full responsibility for all results achieved through this event using the concepts explained through the ESC Success Accelerator Program.

4. I take full responsibility for my physical and mental health while undertaking this training and am attending this training ensuring that I am in a good physical and mental condition. 

5. I understand that all intellectual property associated with this training is the property of ESC and I will not reproduce or distribute any part of the training materials to benefit my own commercial advantage.

6. I understand that there are no refunds for the training once I have paid. Payment is invested immediately into providing training resources. ESC Management may decide to issue a credit in the event you need to pull out for a future program.

7. I understand that the speakers & topic schedule may change without announcement.

8. I understand that the venue may change to another location within a 10km radius.

 9. I understand my contact details will be added to ESCs database as well as presenter and speaker databases to receive emails. 

10. I understand I may receive group communications from time to time via email, meet up, facebook groups or other social media, your details may be shared with others attending the same event dates you are. This makes communication with one another easier over the course of event.

11. I understand that attendee ticket prices may vary due to different promotions conducted prior to event

12. I agree to these terms and conditions and acknowledge i’m providing acceptance by selecting the tick-box “I have read terms & conditions” on the event registration page prior to payment.

13. I understand Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.